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About Arvi

Mother, humanitarian, chef, teacher, traveler and nature lover, Arvi Gosmo has been a yoga practitioner for over 30 years.  She discovered yoga and meditation in her-mid 20s while traveling in Bali, Indonesia where she lived for 3 months.  Though it was not clear then that yoga and meditation would become forefront in her life, Arvi maintained to nourish herself with these healing practices over the years.


 Throughout her countless travels, she also cultivated her love of food which led her to become a full-time chef and currently runs a successful  catering company.


These days, Arvi collaborates and facilitates retreats on well-being, teaching yoga and meditation while also integrating her deep knowledge of healing foods and nutrition through her cooking classes and workshops.


For more information on Arvi's food and nutrition, please visit

Magnolia Fine Foods & Catering Inc.


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Arvi’s classes are gentle, meditative and rooted deeply in mindfulness practice.  These classes aim to enhance awareness of oneself through the practice of silent meditation, pranayama (breathwork), and asana (posture and alignment).  In her teaching, she hopes to help others discover the essence of being human through acceptance, appreciation, and presence.

Arvi Gosmo, Instructor & Founder

Photo by Kristen Clancy

Photos by Trina Koster

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